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Help Change Lives By Stopping Domestic Violence

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Dear Clark County Community,

I’m writing you today to ask you to send in a gift to support one person in fleeing a domestic violence relationship. Here’s what’s happening. Domestic violence is causing real harm and is responsible for taking lives in our community.

Support the SafeChoice program today!

Let me tell you about someone trying to escape a dangerous relationship.

Ashley, a young mother of three children, is in a relationship with an abusive partner. Her partner puts her through multiple forms of abuse, including financial abuse, intimidation, and threats of harm.
Ashley and her children experience humiliation, isolation from friends and family, and are not allowed to use the family car. Daily threats about child custody ensure Ashley gives her paycheck to her partner, leading to financial insecurity.
Here’s what was at risk of happening. Ashley and her kids are in danger of living on the streets due to her partner’s irresponsible control of money. Or worse, Ashley could be separated from her children.
Ashley, a strong and caring mother, is struggling to solve this problem on her own. She needs someone’s help.

Make a life-saving gift today to help someone like Ashley safely leave a dangerous relationship.

Donating to SafeChoice helps people like Ashley get the support they need. With your support, Ashley can stay at our SafeChoice emergency shelter. She can get assistance from a YWCA advocate to help her apply for an apartment. Because of our rental program, we are able to supplement her rent until she is able to take over the lease herself.

Your donation funds necessary SafeChoice services including:

  • Emergency Shelter for those actively fleeing domestic violence
  • 24-Hour Crisis hotline for urgent assistance and safety planning
  • Financial Assistance for participants to meet immediate, basic, and critical needs
  • Rental assistance to supplement rent for long term stable housing
  • One-on-one advocacy helping participants find secure housing, jobs, and childcare

I know you care about domestic violence survivors and believe it’s not right for anyone in our community to endure abuse. Your gift will help someone like Ashley safely leave a dangerous relationship! And your gift will support all the work of YWCA Clark County.

Would you please make in a gift now? You’ll love knowing that you helped save a life from domestic violence in their time of need!

With Gratitude,

Brittini Lasseigne
CEO, YWCA Clark County