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Partner Highlight: Vancouver Housing Authority

13 August 2019
Shelter Renovations Couldn’t Happen Without the VHA In partnership with the Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA) and Access Architecture, the SafeChoice Domestic Violence emergency shelter is looking forward to upcoming building... Read More

National CASA Grant Moves Clark County CASA Closer to Goal

6 August 2019
Care about the Kids in Our Community by Supporting CASA We have wonderful news to share! We received a grant from the National CASA Association to support the Clark County... Read More

Volunteering with CASA will ‘Enrich Your Life’

17 July 2019
Emily Edwards (pictured left) and Julie Haro (pictured right) are both Clark County CASA volunteers. But they also have something else in common — they both work for Alaska Airlines.... Read More

Making a Difference: CASA Works to Protect Our Most Vulnerable Children

3 July 2019
The boy, tiny for his seven years, sat quietly in the room with the adults. They were there to tell him he’d be moving — again — to yet another... Read More
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