Stand with DVAM

October 31, 2018

By Grace Maute

Recently, a survivor and her children came to our shelter fleeing domestic violence. When they first entered shelter, YWCA Clark County advocates provided them with crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support as they adjusted to their new living situation. The oldest child, who was experiencing PTSD symptoms due to the prior living situation, was able to work with the children’s advocacy program advocate in therapeutic activities and play with other children in the shelter.

The mother worked with the family support advocate who helped by providing emotional support and helping her understand what her options were moving forward for housing, income, and other essentials. The shelter was also able to help with providing culturally-specific hygiene products, food, clothing, transportation, and gift cards for miscellaneous needs. These supports ensured that the survivor was able to focus on creating a sustainable financial plan for her future without having to worry about where her next meal was coming from.


Money Moves: Why Finances Play a Vital Role in Empowering Women

October 19, 2018

Written by: Cheyanne Llanos Bare

By this point, we are no longer strangers to the gender pay gap. A gap, which has women earning $.80 for every dollar made by our male counterparts. This disparity is even greater amongst women of color. Black women earning just 62.5% compared to their white male counterparts in 2016 and Hispanic or Latina women 54.4% reducing the income of women over $10,000 each year.

And then there is the pink tax: an added cost to products or services that are marketed to and for women. This could be a dry cleaning bill or products like deodorant, shampoo, razors, or even pens. This totals an additional $1351 spent on extra costs and fees for women. Prior to the Affordable Care Act (2010) even health insurance was priced at a higher rate for women, causing women to pay $1 billion more on annual health care costs in the United States.


Interview with Former “Young Women of Achievement” Scholarship Recipient Hannah Chong

June 28, 2018

Since 1985 YWCA Clark County has been proud to recognize young women for their volunteerism, commitment to community, and leadership with our Young Women of Achievement Awards. Each recipient, from our first to our two most recent, inspired us by their commitment to better the world around them, and we relish any opportunity we get to spotlight their good works.

This is why we were so pleased to hear from Hannah Chong earlier this year. Hannah was awarded the First Independent Scholarship from YWCA in 2012, which helped send her to Seattle Pacific University for her undergraduate studies. She reached out to thank us for the scholarship, and to let us know that her educational journey had lead her to be recently accepted to medical school at Rocky Vista University in Colorado. We were so thrilled with her success that we decided to interview Hannah about her journey from former scholarship recipient to a future in practicing medicine. More