We Stand With Dreamers

by Emily Ostrowski

In September of this year the Trump Administration announced it would be ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, otherwise known as DACA. This program, enacted five years earlier by President Obama, protected 800,000 young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children from deportation. Now that DACA has been rescinded the future of these young adults, often referred to as Dreamers, hangs in the balance, with the hope that Congress can adopt a solution to find Dreamers a permanent path towards citizenship before March of 2018 when DACA officially expires.


Thank You Bank of America for Supporting Survivors!

by Emily Ostrowski

YWCA Clark County’s SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program works around the clock to help survivors of domestic abuse escape dangerous situations, and offers women, children, and families safe and stable housing both on a temporary and long-term basis. It is vital, life-saving work, and it is something we could not do alone.

We rely not only on our dedicated employees and volunteers, but also on financial donations from our community, as well as grants from organizations that support our mission. Bank of America is one such organization, and we are incredibly grateful that they endowed us with a $10,000 grant in July of this year to help us secure housing advocacy for survivors of domestic abuse.

One of the biggest obstacles survivors of domestic abuse face when trying to escape abusive situations is finding a safe place to stay. In 2015, 36% of new participants in our SafeChoice Program were experiencing homelessness when they first sought our services. More

Bennett Celebrates 20 Years with YWCA Clark County

by Sharon Svec

This November, Sherri Bennett celebrated 20 years with YWCA Clark County. Bennett began as an on-call staff member in 1997 and was soon promoted to facility manager of the SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program. She moved on to serve as the assistant to the director of SafeChoice and then, the director of SafeChoice. In 2008 she was hired as the Director of Programs. This new position was designed to provide support for the 7 programs of YWCA Clark County, as well as to help unify them under the YWCA mission. Bennett now serves as the Executive Director, a position she’s held since 2010.