George Floyd’s Legacy: Unity!

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George Floyd’s Legacy: Unity!

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Memorial to George Floyd in Vancouver, WA

Dear friends and neighbors,

On April 21, we sighed in relief. George Floyd’s murderer was convicted! We felt relief that there was justice for George Floyd, relief that our united call for justice over the last year was worth it, and relief that what we hoped for came to fruition.

George Floyd’s family is encouraging this time as a time for unity. Let’s do so. Let’s take time to continue to honor the life of George Floyd and countless others that were victims of a system built on institutionalized racism.

Let’s reflect on what we have learned and how we want to continue contributing to a better place for everyone, with candor and willingness to do the work needed to end racism. Let’s build the community we dream of, a community of prosperity, a community of accountability, as well as kindness.

Every time we walked the streets in protest of police brutality, we told our neighbors, “I care about you. I want justice and safety for you.” Now we need to keep this work going by:

  • Listening to Black community members about the injustices they face daily
  • Standing up when you see racism in front of you
  • Continuing to educate ourselves, encouraging dialog, and most importantly, actively working towards racial equity

Here at YWCA Clark County, we are renewing our commitment to our mission to eliminate racism by gathering leaders of color in Clark County to help us shape our new racial equity program. We will work harder, listen more, and increase our investment of resources, as we fight for equity in Clark County. Stay tuned for opportunities for collaboration coming up in the future.

In solidarity,

Dunetchka Otero-Serrano