Monthly donations allow me to truly build giving into my budget

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Monthly donations allow me to truly build giving into my budget

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Why monthly giving works for me

by Jasmine Tolbert

I’m Jasmine and I joined the YWCA Clark County Board of Directors at the end of 2018. I am a monthly donor. I had been dreaming of being on the YWCA board, but one thing made me nervous. How can I financially support YWCA in a meaningful way?

I’m 25, recently married, and we just bought a new home. That’s to say, we are both early in our careers and we don’t necessarily have much disposable income for philanthropy. However, it is important to me that I find a way to financially contribute to YWCA. This is when I realized that being a monthly donor is great for me and my family. It could be for you too! Donating monthly allows me to donate more over time and truly build giving into my budget. For me, it’s important that I continue the legacy of giving that those before me created and that many, like me, have benefited from.

Community centered non-profits like YWCA Clark County have been known to be the boots on the ground. The YWCA creates social change and supplements the needs of the community it serves, but this fine organization can only continue serving with proper funding. Take a stand with a monthly pledge that will provide safety and support for children and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect. There are 10 million reasons to join, but only one that really matters – by making a promise today, you are changing lives. It is that simple, and that important.

You can automatically have your monthly pledge conveniently billed to your credit or debit card, saving you time and postage. And you always have complete control to increase, decrease, or suspend your monthly pledge if your circumstances change. Please don’t turn away, thinking that “someone else” will take care of the problem.

Jamine shares why monthly giving works for her

Join me and countless other YWCA Clark County supporters right now. Together, we can take a stand for peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. I hope that you will strengthen your already vital support by becoming a YWCA Clark County Monthly Donor.

Please visit our Donations page to join me in supporting our life-changing programs on a monthly basis.