Partner Profile: A Look at The Vancouver Clinic

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Partner Profile: A Look at The Vancouver Clinic

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by Emily Ostrowski

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on all we have to be thankful for, and at YWCA Clark County we feel an abundance of thanks and gratitude towards our many community partners whose contributions help us live out our mission every single day.

One such organization is The Vancouver Clinic, who has partnered with YWCA Clark County for the last 30 years to sponsor fundraising events including our annual Empower Luncheon, as well as offer financial donations to support our various life-saving programs.

“The Vancouver Clinic truly embodies their mission of caring for people as their first priority,” said YWCA Clark County Director of Philanthropy Brittini Allen. “They show that not only through the culture at their clinics, but through their investment into the community as a whole. Over the last three decades, The Vancouver Clinic has provided YWCA Clark County with nearly $60,000 in support both through sponsorships, matching gifts, and investments in our programs. We are honored to call them a partner and highlight their dedication to our community.”

In honor of this partnership we took a little time to speak with Marketing Manager Madison Kozacek-Hantho and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alfred Seekamp of The Vancouver Clinic about their relationship with YWCA, our common goals, and their commitment to bettering our community.

The Vancouver Clinic has supported the physical and emotional health of individuals for more than 80 years. They strive to provide excellent, compassionate care and empower people to be their healthiest selves.

Like YWCA, The Vancouver Clinic aims to help a diverse cross-section of our community. YWCA’s mission statement declares in part that our goal is to “promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all” and The Vancouver Clinic shares those values. “The opening statement of our mission is, ‘caring for people is our first priority.’ Inherent in this is the organization’s commitment to compassion, respect and empathy for all members of our community,” said Dr. Seekamp

To that end The Vancouver Clinic makes sure to devote time to providing care to low-income and uninsured people and families. “Many of our doctors and staff volunteer their time and expertise at area free clinics, including the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and Battle Ground HealthCare,” said Kozacek-Hantho. In a time where millions across the country are concerned about the future of their healthcare, organizations that devote time to helping those who otherwise could not afford medical care is of the utmost importance, and we are grateful for The Vancouver Clinic’s dedication on this front.

Medical clinics also play a vital role in helping survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, not just in offering any needed physical treatments, but also in helping to identify potential abuse, and provide information and resources to survivors, including referrals to YWCA Clark County. “In our role as educators, we screen for domestic violence and sexual assault, and help clients to understand the available community resources and how to access them,” said Dr. Seekamp. As intimate partner violence is considered a public health issue by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) it is imperative that medical health professionals like those at The Vancouver Clinic are knowledgeable about the problem, and able to offer guidance to survivors.

As mentioned, The Vancouver Clinic has partnered with YWCA Clark County to sponsor numerous fundraising events, and Kozacek-Hantho notes that it’s all part of our shared mission to empower our community. “The biggest benefit to participating in these events is knowing that our organization is able to be a part of a larger cause that the whole community is working together to support,” she said. “The Vancouver Clinic is motivated to give back to our community by sponsoring these events because we believe Vancouver is strengthened by the collective support residents have toward local nonprofits. Vancouver is our shared home. It’s our privilege to partner with other local organizations to create opportunities for all people, and ensure Vancouver remains a uniquely vibrant and welcoming place.”

Thanks so much to Madison Kozacek-Hantho and Dr. Seekamp for taking the time to speak with us, and thank you to everyone at The Vancouver Clinic for supporting YWCA Clark County and working to foster a healthier, more supportive community for all our residents!