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YWCA Clark County Board Members
YWCA Clark County Board Members.

Board Of Directors

Sherri Falkner, President

I joined YWCA for both personal and professional reasons. Personally, I was a victim of domestic abuse and could have used the incredible services offered by YWCA during that horrible time in my life. Professionally, I am a strong believer and advocate for eliminating racism and empowering women and put my whole heart into this mission. Becoming a board member of YWCA has strengthened my ability to speak up and to speak out about social change. It starts with each and every one of us, to eliminate oppression, violence and racism. One day at a time.

Holly Jacobs, Treasurer

I’m thrilled to be a member of the board of YWCA Clark County. The organization plays so many important roles for individuals and families in our community. What I really appreciate is the lens of empowerment, respect, and dignity through which YWCA Clark County’s many services are provided. I believe strongly in an individual’s right to self-determination and I’m particularly proud that YWCA Clark County is giving our community members the tools to make life-changing, safe choices every day.

Pam Loh Veljacic, Secretary

I serve on the YWCA Board of Directors because they empower women and children with confidence-building tools to help them achieve a life free from chaos. YWCA assists and educates vulnerable individuals with compassion and respect. As a community member, I believe it is my moral responsibility to do what I can to provide a place of refuge and support for victims of oppression and violence, free from judgment or shame. It takes all of us to restore hope and end the cycle of violence.

Dr. Lee Faver, VP of Board Development

I became interested in YWCA to support programs that address sexual and domestic violence. The women and men I see in my clinical practice are often living with and affected by family violence. I found far more at YWCA. The programs not only help people and families directly, they strive to eliminate these experiences entirely. This organization actually is a community of very dedicated people who are deeply committed to affecting change across our entire region. The mission and values of YWCA extend far beyond family and sexual violence, and beyond our specific services. The talented and principled staff and board strive to uplift our community, person by person, family by family. The energy, goodwill and commitment to service is enormous. The vision is forward thinking. Taken together, the people, vision and organization are ones to which I want to contribute.

Kristi Criswell, VP of Fund Development

I joined the Board in April 2017 after briefly serving on the Public Policy Committee. I was raised and vowed that I would teach my children that all people are created equal and deserve the same respect, rights, and freedoms. It is also one of my personal core values to give back to the community in which I live and to model a life of service and compassion for my children. The mission and work of YWCA spoke to my heart as a way to promote the values I care about as well as a way to contribute to my community. I hope to be an integral part of ensuring the continuation of the outstanding work that YWCA does and supporting staff to be able to do so.

Noland Hoshino, VP of Public Policy

Empowerment is the key to success to anyone who has been battered or abused in their life. It’s the superpower that gives you strength to get up, dust yourself off, and take charge of your life. YWCA Clark County helps people identify, develop and strengthen their superpower so that they can go into the community and help another person in need. As the saying goes, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” Be empowered. Be strong. Be YOU.

Rainy Atkins

I believe in YWCA because the mission and the Board of Directors address the root commitment of supporting a healthier community. This includes empowerment, a safe environment for women and children and investment in each child and individual through skill development and education for the most vulnerable in our community. This raises us all up and honors each person’s potential. No one is discarded or less than the other. Together we empower a healthy community to carry on the tradition of nonjudgmental service and respect for our community, for our children, and grandchildren when we pass the baton.


Cyndi Green

I have always felt it is our responsibility to give back to our community and help others when we can. I started volunteering with YWCA’s Clark County CASA in 2007 and was an advocate until 2011. I enjoyed working to help families reunite, seeing parents work to regain custody, and most importantly being a voice for a child and speaking on their behalf. I feel that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their race, sexual orientation, gender identification, family dynamics, or financial situation. I believe it is only through education and awareness that this can be accomplished, the YWCA’s education and support programs work to achieve these goals. I am proud to be part of the YWCA Board and to help in their mission.


Rafik Fouad

I’ve volunteered with YWCA’s Independent Living Skills program since 2008, and joined the Finance committee in 2013. Helping foster youth who are aging out of the system navigate the complex world of being an adult is what brought me to YWCA. It’s been an amazing experience to help these young adults get a handle on managing their money, furnishing their first apartment, obtaining an education, and getting their first job. I’ve watched these brave youth successfully lobby our legislature for changes to the system that have helped make it just a little less difficult for those who follow. These gains wouldn’t be possible without the quiet heroes who work for YWCA Clark County. I believe they do more to break the cycle of family trauma than any other organization in our community. It’s an honor to serve YWCA.


Susan Sundberg

Since my first job as a public health nurse, I have remained passionate about public and community health issues. There is so much need in our community for the irreplaceable services YWCA Clark County provides including the SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program, the Sexual Assault Program, and CASA. The mission of YWCA Clark County and the services they provide directly address the health and well-being of women and families in our community, especially for those most vulnerable. It is an honor for me to participate and serve with YWCA Clark County in this amazing work. Eliminating racism and empowering women are key foundations for elevating the health and well-being of our community, and these components of YWCA’s mission inspire me.


Jasmine Rucker Tolbert

Equity is at the center of my values and something I feel is important to have in every community. If we as a community go above the call to equality and remember to give people the support they need to succeed then we can all flourish. YWCA embodies equity through their programs and leadership in Clark County, which makes me proud to serve on the Board of Directors after serving on the Public Policy Committee for the last two years.