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Board Of Directors

Kristi Criswell, President

I joined the Board in April 2017 after briefly serving on the Public Policy Committee. I was raised and vowed that I would teach my children that all people are created equal and deserve the same respect, rights, and freedoms. It is also one of my personal core values to give back to the community in which I live and to model a life of service and compassion for my children. The mission and work of YWCA spoke to my heart as a way to promote the values I care about as well as a way to contribute to my community. I hope to be an integral part of ensuring the continuation of the outstanding work that YWCA does and supporting staff to be able to do so.

Megan Peyton, Treasurer

As an attorney in Clark County for the last 12 years, I have seen the effects of domestic violence, mental health, and addiction on many of our most vulnerable community members.  The role that members of YWCA take on to assist those community members as they navigate the justice system and try to rebuild their lives is extremely important.  To empower those who are struggling requires time, commitment and an open mind to other people’s experiences. I am excited to support the YWCA as a board member as they continue to meet their goal of promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


Rafik Fouad, Secretary

I’ve volunteered with YWCA’s Independent Living Skills program since 2008, and joined the Finance committee in 2013. Helping foster youth who are aging out of the system navigate the complex world of being an adult is what brought me to YWCA. It’s been an amazing experience to help these young adults get a handle on managing their money, furnishing their first apartment, obtaining an education, and getting their first job. I’ve watched these brave youth successfully lobby our legislature for changes to the system that have helped make it just a little less difficult for those who follow. These gains wouldn’t be possible without the quiet heroes who work for YWCA Clark County. I believe they do more to break the cycle of family trauma than any other organization in our community. It’s an honor to serve YWCA.

Amanda Martinez, VP of Board Development

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Crystal Millard, VP of Fund Development

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Rori Dicker

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Kathryn Holland

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Ben Moll

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Stephanie Nevue

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Pilar Palos

Hola, I recently joined the YWCA Clark County Board in August 2021. I work as the Deputy Director of Youth and Family Services with Hacienda CDC in Portland, OR. It has been a blessing and privilege to work with Hacienda CDC for 5 years, supporting a team of bicultural and bilingual Latinx leaders in support of the Latinx community in Northeast Portland. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have been looking for opportunities to support not only through my work as a Social Worker but also as a community member in my neighborhood— which is what led me to the YWCA.

Deb Wechselblatt

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Lamont Woods

I am excited to support YWCA Clark County as a board member. I truly believe in the mission, focus and core values that this organization stands for. I have been in education for 20+ years in Clark County as an Intervention Specialist, School Counselor, and Associate Principal. Working with my community by supporting families and youth has always been my passion. I am grateful for this opportunity.

YWCA Clark County Board Members
YWCA Clark County Board Members.