Our Programs

Our programs serve all community members, regardless of how they identify. We aim to empower survivors of violence, and provide stability and hope for children and youth who may be in unstable circumstances.

Our SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program offers not only immediate assistance in the forms of our 24-hour crisis hotline and gender inclusive domestic violence shelter, but extended advocacy as well. We offer, among other services, advocacy for LGBTQ survivors, a range of support groups, one-on-one advocacy, and classes for survivors of domestic abuse. Similarly our Sexual Assault Program offers both immediate and round the clock legal, medical, and emotional help, as well as extended care, and support groups where survivors can feel safe to talk about their experiences in a warm, caring, and non-judgemental environment that seeks to inform and empower.

We know one of the best ways to promote social justice is to plant the seeds of empowerment from a young age. Our Y’s Care Children’s Program empowers homeless and low-income kids with the social and educational skills needed to excel when they enter first grade. Our Clark County CASA Program advocates for the rights of abused and neglected children going through the judicial system. Lastly, our Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program gives foster teens and youth the tools and resources needed to make a smooth transition from state supported care to independent living.

Clark County CASA Program
Independent Living Skills Program
SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program
Sexual Assault Support Program
Women’s Leadership Center
Y’s Care Children’s Program