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Val Joshua
Val Joshua

The Val Joshua Award was originally given to Val Joshua in recognition of her life-long commitment and work toward the elimination of racism in 1989. Today, we give two awards to recognize people in our community who are working toward ending oppression, the Val Joshua Racial Justice Award and the Youth Social Justice Award. The awards are presented annually to individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations who have demonstrated leadership in working toward eliminating racism and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.

COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID we have temporarily paused our Val Joshua Award and Youth Social Justice Award programing and plan to resume in Spring 2022. 

1989 Val Joshua
1991 Jim Belton and Joan Stout
1992 Dave Radke
1993 Jerry King and Leann Johnson
1994 Randy Wulff and Community AME Zion Church
1995 Florine DuFresne and Private Industry Council
1996 NAACP Vancouver Branch, Kim Chau Larson, and Brian Willoughby
1997 DaVerne Bell and Harriet Levi
1998 Leonor Amaya-Brooks and Vernon Stoner
1999 Michelle Danley and Joyce Smith
2000 Patricia Guy and Greg Ford
2001 Karl Landerholm and Tanisha Harris
2002 Bob Moser
2003 Hewlett-Packard Vancouver



2004 Earl Ford and Diana Avalos
Leilani Russell
Dave Morris
Jamie McCoy and Richard Twiss
2008 Mike Ciraulo and Rekah Strong
2010 Luz Virgen Gonzalez
2011 Vanessa Gaston
2011 Adam Carpinelli
2012 Kellie Henderson and Elizabeth Ruiz
2013 Amanda Marchak
2014 Michelle Bart and Christopher Resendiz
2015 Diana Perez
2016 Felisciana Peralta
2017 Eulalia Soto and Becky Archibald
2018 Cindi Fisher

2007 SOAR International
Michelle Prothero
Yarenni Mendoza
Ruth Ferguson
2011 Dreams without Boundaries
2012 Maribel Sanchez
2013 Estefania Medina
2014 Jose Scott
2015 LaQuoya Tyler
2016 Astrid DuBois
2017 Dionnie Minnard
2018 William Clark