Criminal History Guidelines for the SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program

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YWCA Clark County’s Volunteer Development Department utilizes a standard criminal history conviction list, named the Washington State Directors List, for determining volunteer eligibility for volunteer applicants. The Directors List can be accessed at WAC 170-06-0120. YWCA Clark County abides by the guidelines listed in the Directors List.

In some cases an exception may be granted in considering a “Bail Jumping” conviction. “Bail Jumping” convictions will be considered in context with their related conviction to determine eligibility to volunteer. Convictions that include a “Domestic Violence” indicator will receive additional follow up with the applicant, either by email or phone. The length of time since conviction and frequency of convictions will be considered when considering person to person and “domestic violence” indicated convictions.

The Department of Volunteer Development is committed to ensuring the volunteer application process is inclusive and equitable. Any denial of volunteer role based on criminal convictions will be made transparent to applicants.

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