Our Youth Urgently Need Your Support

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Our Youth Urgently Need Your Support

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Our Fall campaign to empower young leaders in reshaping social norms around violence in relationships ends on October 15th.

During the critical stages of adolescence and early adulthood, vulnerability to dating violence is heightened. This period of time is crucial as young individuals are actively working on their self-identity and establishing what they want in their future relationships.

A young woman with long braided hair stands by a row of red lockers, intently looking at her smartphone.

Were you aware that one in every three teenagers finds themselves in an unsafe relationship? Our youth urgently need your support.

That’s why we have the YWCA Clark County Prevention Program. It’s a dedicated team that goes to middle schools and high schools educating students about fostering healthy relationships with peers, friends, and people they’re dating.

Our middle school curriculum is tailored for youth aged 11-14. Over several interactive sessions, students acquire knowledge and skills for nurturing healthy relationships. The exercises are hands-on and designed to build on strengths for optimal learning.

Students explore age-appropriate topics such as:

  • Exploring values
  • Respectful communication
  • Healthy break-ups and boundaries
  • Media impact on the culture of violence

Our Prevention Program emphasizes working with youth because we know that this is the most effective way to stop violence before it starts.

Similarly, our high school program caters to students aged 15-18 aiming to educate them on preventing sexual assault and intimate partner violence, cultivating healthy relationships, and empowering them to be advocates for themselves and others.

In the high school program, students engage in discussion about various topics including:

  • Red flags and warning signs of abuse
  • Setting boundaries and asking for consent
  • Media representations and relationships
  • Becoming agents of change in their communities

Your donation can make a significant difference enabling us to reach more schools and engage more students. Together we can stop the cycle of violence.

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Brittini Lasseigne

Brittini Lasseigne
Chief Executive Director
YWCA Clark County

P.S. Please consider donating by October 15th to support our youth. Your donation is an investment in a brighter, violence-free future.