Help Keep Teens Safe in Clark County

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Help Keep Teens Safe in Clark County

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You can help a teen in your community!

September 13, 2023

I’m writing to ask for your help with something important. Can you give a special gift by October 15 to support YWCA Clark County’s Prevention Program?

Fall is here, and as teens return to school in Clark County we want to make sure they stay safe in their friendships and dating relationships. Some young people struggle with their relationships, and we want to keep them safe. We need your help to build these critical, life-saving skills early in order to stop future violence.

That’s why we have the YWCA Clark County Prevention Program. It’s a team that goes to middle schools and high schools to teach students about healthy relationships with peers, friends, and people they’re dating.

Right now, one out of every three teens are in an unsafe relationship. The students in our community need your help.

Let’s meet Cali. She’s an amazing 15-year-old who loves playing soccer. Cali was excited to start a new school year with her boyfriend, Dean. But because she hadn’t been in a relationship before, she didn’t see the signs that something was wrong. Cali’s story is common because even adults sometimes can’t tell when a relationship is not healthy.

Cali started to rethink her relationship when she joined our Where We Thrive workshop that is taught by our Prevention Program. These classes teach about consent, boundaries, healthy communication, and root causes of violence. Cali engaged with other students to build new skills and practice using them in a comfortable environment.

Next, Cali did something special: not only did she recognize unhealthy and abusive behavior being exhibited by her partner, but she saw things she could do better too. During the workshops, she realized she sometimes crossed boundaries like checking Dean’s phone without him knowing. Cali used what she learned to create healthier boundaries. She even tells her friends about the workshops when they have problems in their relationships.

Cali can’t imagine what would have happened without the Prevention Program. But she’s really worried about other kids who didn’t join the classes.

Could you give a gift today to keep teens in Clark County safe?

Your gift to YWCA Clark County by October 15 will make a big difference with teens in our community! And your gift will support all the work of YWCA Clark County.

As the fall season arrives, take a moment to think about how you can help. Your support means a lot to us, and I really hope you’ll join us by giving a gift before October 15.

Give a Gift Today

Take Care,

Brittini Lasseigne, CEO of YWCA Clark County