Voters Say Yes! to Referendum 90

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Voters Say Yes! to Referendum 90

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By wide margin, the measure written to inform and protect students was adopted!

“With the passage of Referendum 90, the controversial sex ed ballot measure that passed by large margins in Tuesday’s Washington election, public schools will now be required to teach comprehensive sex ed multiple times throughout a student’s K-12 education.”

That’s what the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported shortly after voters overwhelmingly said ‘yes’ to Referendum 90.

V for victory!

The good news: Referendum 90 is now the law in Washington. The sort of discouraging afterthought: that something as important as educating young people about sexuality had to be required to be taught in our schools.

Nonetheless , YWCA Clark County celebrates this moment in our state’s educational history and encourages all teachers to embrace the spirit of the law–which is to inform and protect our young people so they can live healthier, happier lives.

“Referendum 90 gives students access to comprehensive sex education. Young people in every community deserve medically accurate and inclusive information that helps them make good decisions about sex to protect themselves and others,” said Tanika Siscoe, Domestic Violence Prevention Specialist, YWCA Clark County.

We thank all of those who voted in favor of this significant measure. We welcome the opportunity to support this valuable educational opportunity with our programs that help young people make a smooth and safe transition to adulthood.