Sherri Falkner: Outgoing board president loves telling YWCA story!

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Sherri Falkner: Outgoing board president loves telling YWCA story!

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In her final months as president, YWCA’s board of directors faced major challenges

Sherri Falkner, YWCA Clark County’s outgoing board president, is a survivor of domestic violence and an outspoken advocate for vulnerable women and children. She joined the board in 2014, becoming president in 2018.

A client services officer for Heritage Bank, she brings her financial acumen as well as her social justice passion to YWCA. Sherri says she has thoroughly enjoyed serving on the board. Any community member seeking to make a difference in the lives of women and families in Clark County should consider if they are a fit for board membership, she adds.

Sherri’s final year as president provided plenty of opportunities for her to demonstrate her considerable leadership skills. Since January, the board has been engaged in finding a new executive director, creating a COVID-19 policy, and finalizing an organizational racial equity initiative.

As she prepares to step down as board president (but not from the board), we asked Sherri to share her thoughts as a YWCA “insider.”

Q: What did you learn about YWCA Clark County as a board member that you did not know previously?

A: EVERYTHING!  I was aware of some of the programs YWCA had, but not all of them.  I learned that the culture at YWCA is unique. People are committed to the work, as witnessed by the many very senior and tenured staff there.

Q: When you talk to people in the community about YWCA, how do you describe its contributions to Clark County? Does it provide certain vital services that many folks are unaware of?

A: I always highlight the great programs that we have and the fact that we have the ONLY domestic violence shelter in the county.  Most people aren’t aware of our programs. So it’s super fun to describe each of them.

Q: What qualities would you look for in a prospective board member?

A: Passion, vision, leadership, eagerness to participate. We do not look for someone to be just a flower on the wall. This role takes more. You must be committed to social justice and racial equity, honest and straightforward, dependable, good character, community minded.