YWCA continues to serve during Coronavirus

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YWCA continues to serve during Coronavirus

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Dear Clark County family,

We think of all of our supporters and program participants as family. In healthy families, no family member is turned away in hard times. Because we are a family organization, we continue to serve our community’s needs in this time of uncertainty and fear.

Coronsvirus impacts women and communities of color differently

This is particularly important for people of color and women during this crisis. The impacts of CoronavIrus (COVID-19) are experienced differently by different genders. Gender-based violence often increases during disaster situations. We are urging our community to support us now, more than ever, so that those experiencing gender-based violence have a resource for financial assistance, assistance with protection orders, safety planning, and vital emotional support.

People of color represent 20% of Clark County’s population—but a third of those served by our programs. Due to disproportionately high rates of chronic disease, likelihood of living in poverty, being uninsured or underinsured, and biases in health care, COVID-19 is more dangerous for people of color. We encourage our participants to follow the CDC recommendations to stay safe and healthy

Safety First: Our services remain open with safety measures

Please know that, in keeping services open, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our dedicated staff and our program participants. We continue to deliver vital services thanks to technology. Most meetings are now held by phone or another virtual tool. Our domestic violence and sexual assault hotline remains open 24/7: 800-695-0167.

Where technology cannot replace physical proximity–such as in our domestic violence emergency shelter–we are doing everything we can to create a safe space where people can escape trauma without putting themselves in harm’s way.

The lines of communication are open, as are our hearts. YWCA Clark County will continue to play our part: to support those who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, to advocate in the best interests of children in dependency, and to support those in need of an experienced and empathetic advocate to guide them through hard times. We offer hope. We are family. With your support, we will get through this.

Sherri Falkner

Board President
YWCA Clark County