Your Support Changes Lives

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Your Support Changes Lives

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*Sarah had just turned 18, and left her former foster home with very few resources. Because she had nowhere to go she ended up returning to live with several family members who were heavily into drugs and alcohol. Sarah quickly realized that this was not a safe place for her to stay, and she reached out to our Independent Living Skills (ILS) program for support.

Through her work with the program, and the commitment of her ILS Advocate, she was able to apply for a housing voucher, rent and furnish her own apartment, and have the length of the voucher extended to five years.

Your support helped Sarah with applying for basic food assistance, as well as connect her with a primary care physician and mental health counselor to help her find the tools for depression and anxiety.

Sarah recently shared, “If it was not for the assistance of the ILS program and my Advocate, I would most likely be homeless and would not be making steps towards achieving my life goals.”

Your support changed the course of Sarah’s life, and gave her the resources to live a healthy, full, independent life.

Your donation takes a stand to end domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, and oppression.

We need your help to end the year strong. We need you to act now to ensure that children, women, and families in your community are receiving critical services and resources.

Will you donate today?

*Name changed for privacy