Thank You Connie and Lee Kearney

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Thank You Connie and Lee Kearney

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by Emily Ostrowski

At YWCA Clark County we are fortunate to benefit from the help and support of national and local organizations, community sponsors, and individuals who donate their time and financial assistance to helping us eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Connie and Lee Kearney are two such individuals who have contributed so much, not just to YWCA, but to the entire community of Clark County and beyond.

The Kearneys have been fantastic longtime donors of some of YWCA’s biggest events. They’ve supported the Classic Wines Auction, our Empower Luncheon, as well as the Centennial Year gala held last September, honoring YWCA’s 100 year commitment to the community, in which we raised a record $431,535 with help of donors like Lee and Connie.

Connie Kearney has always been passionate about empowering women, and is something of a trail blazer herself, having served as Clark County’s first woman commissioner from 1976 to 1980. She also has been directly involved with YWCA Clark County, having served on multiple committees and as treasurer on the board of directors in 2000.

Executive Director of YWCA Clark County Sherri Bennett knows the Kearneys, particularly Connie, and has always been struck by her sincere dedication to helping others. “She believes in our mission,” said Bennett. “She’s a very kind hearted person who cares deeply about people and deeply about supporting people. I’ve always felt a sense of support from her.”

We thank Connie and Lee Kearney for their support of YWCA Clark County and for their enormous contributions to improving the lives of all members of our community!