Women’s Leadership Center

YWCA Clark County’s programs provide life changing services to those in need. Each day, we engage in vital outreach efforts to help uplift and empower vulnerable populations. Over our 100 year history, we have continued to adapt our programs to meet the changing needs of women and families in SW Washington.

Today, more than ever, women at every stage of life are seeking ways to contribute their experience, talents and skills to improve their own lives and the lives of others. With the growing interest and social acceptance of women in more varied positions of leadership, our research has concluded there are too few opportunities for women to develop and expand their leadership skills.

To advance women’s empowerment, YWCA Clark County is focused on a new initiative for the next century of service: a Women’s Leadership Center. Modeled after successful leadership centers around the world, the Women’s Leadership Center will empower women of all ages to realize and harness their innate leadership abilities. We do this by providing structured seminars, roundtable discussions and goal-oriented activities that:

  • Empower women of all ages to break down barriers
  • Develop invaluable life skills
  • Help each individual realize their inherent worth
  • Clarify and apply personal values to professional growth efforts

Our community needs strong, authentic and innovative female leaders.

The Women’s Leadership Center will rely on YWCA Clark County’s decades of experience leading the way in every social justice movement, protecting and serving women and children who have been victims of violence, advocating for youth and expanding the community conversation to include innovative solutions to our most complex social challenges. YWCA Clark County will lead seminars, workshops and program series that focus on leadership themes. Themes include, but are not limited to:

Effective Negotiation Strategies Career Mentoring/Finding a Dream Career  Public Speaking 
Conflict Resolution Balancing Personal and Business Life Leveraging Talent & Experience
Effective Leadership Techniques Community Involvement
Economic Literacy Finding the Power Within


YWCA will engage with community partners who offer their expertise in specific focus areas. Where a partner is not facilitating, YWCA staff will facilitate the sessions.

While the Women’s Leadership Center will be focused on high-value programs for a fee, scholarships are available for women and youth who have economic barriers to participation.

Workshops take place at our Community Office located at 3609 Main Street in downtown Vancouver, WA.